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In 1970 Congress passed the Federal Clean Air Act, which set quality standards for the nation. The act required areas that did not meet air quality standards to implement emissions control strategies or they would lose their building and highway funds. California did not meet the Federal Air quality standards. Therefore, in 1982 Congress decided to implement an emissions inspection program, currently referred to as the "Smog Check" program.

Smog Boy is one of the top 10 smog check centers in the La Crescenta area. It is a private company categorized under Emissions testing without repairs. A test only smog center is a smog testing location which only performs smog tests, and does not execute repairs, but tends to be much more rapid, because it specializes in smog testing.

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3601 Foothill Blvd
La Crescenta CA 91214
Phone: (888) 814-7052

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Phone: (818) 248-9944

Phone: (888) 814-7052

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Open Monday-Saturday 8am-5pm

Name: Mark d.-Tujunga, CA

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It's hard to find a place to test our car because it's a "special case." We used to drive all the way out to Glendora, but since I moved to Tujunga, we've been looking for a new, closer spot. I called Arroyo Smog on Figueroa, and they said it'd be about $60 "if it passes." I thought, "Ok..." Until I got a coupon in the mail for Smog Boy. It's just down the street from where we live, so if we drive down and they won't do it, it wouldn't be a huge loss of time.

Robert is really a no-nonsense guy. We went in this past Saturday (no appointment necessary). He told us up front, including our coupon and all the fees, the total came out to $50 (normally $70 without the coupon -- for older cars). SCORE! ...$10 cheaper than their "5-star" competitor. We told him about our "special case," and he asked to see our setup. We popped the hood, he looked, "No Problem." DOUBLE SCORE!!

Straight to the point, he told us we'd be out of there in 25 minutes. So we walked, across the lot to TraderJoes, and bought some corn puffs, and about 20 minutes later, he was done and we were on our way. He didn't say anything about a $2 fee for using a credit card.

We will definitely be coming back here for our smog check needs!